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-====== ​Miranda ​======+====== ​Pretty Elves ======
-Miranda is a game world that I started ​at [[http://​www.purdue.edu/​|Purdue University]] ​in January 1991 and ran continuously for two years when I took hiatus after moving ​to [[wp>Cincinnati]]. Eventually I restarted the world with new gaming ​group and ran continuously until 1998 when I began to interleave my fantasy stories with other gamesHowever, I kept this game world alive because ​of the fantastic stories ​that have taken place here.+This game started ​as one-shot games thrown together when a group of friends from [[wp>Purdue University]] ​got together once or twice year. It was a rather silly set of games with the only requirement was that every PC must be of elven blood and Charisma must be one of your top 3 attributes. The first game was run under the [[wp>​Dungeons & Dragons|Dungeons and Dragons 3.5]] rulebook, but was transitioned ​to the [[wp>Pathfinder Roleplaying Game]] when it came out. 
 +In 2011 we got together for winter ​gaming ​session ​and instead of just putting down another serialized adventure it was decided ​to provide a bit more depthFor this effort we used the world-building functionality ​of [[http://​boardgamegeek.com/​rpg/​9789/​microscope|Microscope]] cards. We started with the premise of the world that had already been created, then used the cards to delve into the history of a [[Sieriensal]] and elven city and its surrounding environs.
-I originally ran the game under [[http://​herogames.com|HERO 4th Edition]] from 1991 until 1998. At that time I wanted to run more of a low fantasy game so I dabbled in HARN, Fuzion, and even my heavily modified version of Chivalry and Sorcery - in the end none of these satisfied me and so in 2011 I decided to move in a different direction and include a more story-telling system called FATE. I am currently using a slightly modified version of Legends of Anglerre and am very happy with the outcome so far. 
 ---- ----